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*Current Beachbody Coaches are Not Eligible to be Included in Fitness on Fleek. If you are considering becoming a Coach with Christine, you will have full access to this Group.

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Once you are in the Fitness on Fleek Facebook Group, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. You can participate quietly or you can participate openly within the group. BUT, everything shared in the group is exclusive only to the group itself. 

Your communication, pictures, and involvement will NEVER be shared public without your consent and only if Christine just has to BEG you to PLEASE let her share your amazing transformation!


As part of Christine's Squad you will have direct contact with Christine Daily PLUS connect with other supportive women just like you who will help you stay motivated, accountable, and HUMAN! You never have to do it alone again.

The "Fitness Fleek's" are supportive, helpful, and NORMAL; you will easily connect and find you have found your Squad. 


Christine is an educator by nature! Working professionally in the Fitness Industry since 1991, she has trained and certified THOUSAND'S! She doesn't want you to visit, diet, and leave. She wants you to STAY AWHILE! The only way to do that is to NOT diet but to develop changes in your habits and lifestyle that will allow you to live your healthiest & fittest without restriction and a constant YANK on your willpower! She share's incredible videos & training exclusively for the squad! Become empowered on all things life, nutrition and movement.


Utilizing Beachbody On Demand & thousand's of Online Workout's from Celebrity Fitness Trainers! Christine creates personally a Cross Training Monthly Workout calendar tailored for you & your goal!


A Squad of Ladies who offer support, Tips, Challenges, "Did you Know", Motivation, and Team Support! Venting, Whining, and Throwing a Tantrum is welcomed here every so often, as that's just life sometimes! BUT Positivity, Ownership, and Big Girl Underpants are always Required. 


Plans to help you follow the correct caloric range for your body and goal. Wide variety of meal plans to follow including Paleo & Vegan! Additonally, Christine Shares how to get started with her version of Intermittent Fasting & scheduling your meals to work for your lifestyle & problem areas.


Periodic Livestream's and Group Video Calls throughout the month to connect & support you faster towards your goals and to your squad. 


Daily tips, challenges, and other interactive inclusive updates to keep you inspired, plugged in, connected, and transforming your body and outlook.


Your Journey is Safe in Here. Nothing is shared public onlne without your consent & request. All communications and your personal experiences are kept inside the Fitness on Fleek Vault.


EVERYDAY! Christine herself personally chats with the Fitness on Fleek Squad answering any questions, celebrating achievements, and helping guide the group with the right tools they need to create great change for their life! 

Christine is Group Fitness & Personal Training Certified Fitness Professional since 1991. She has worked directly with fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson since 2000 and was awarded the first ever "Presenter of the Year" award in 2004. She additionally was awarded the first award for "Most Valuable Presenter" for 2009 & 2010. She holds the record for certifing thousands of group fitness instructors in formats Turbo Kick, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle, & INSANITY. She was lead instructor in the professional instructor workout videos from 2011-2016. She continued to develop her career and present at major fitness conferences such as Can Fit Pro, Evolution, & DCAC. She mentored & trained hundreds of fitness instructors into becoming Fitness Professional Presenters and Entrepreneurs. She resigned as a Master Trainer Feb 2015. 

She continues to develop, onboard, and mentor Entreprenuers who decide to create a life of positivity, accountability, impact, and more as an Independent Consultant with Team Beachbody as a Coach. Either helping Coach's with their fitness journey or in creating a home business developing a team and income.

Support, Daily Mentorship, Meal Plans, Workouts, a Fitness Professional, Training and Time are ALL Included in the group for Lifetime Access! To ensure your success and investment in YOURSELF and in your goals, Christine requires a purchase of at least ONE of the following products provided by Beachbody: Shakeology, Beachbody On Demand supplement package or a "Challenge Pack."

With this foundation, Christine can easily guide you through your workouts, nutrition, and paint by numbers programming. 

Without a foundation, leaving it up to you to figure out what to do for workouts, the intensity, and system to follow sets you up to stay exactly where you are with what you have been doing. To create a CHANGE you gotta make a CHANGE. 

Christine knows Beachbody's workouts inside and out. She's been a Coach since May 2008 and has GREAT success herself using Beachbody's programs following TWO C-Sections and many many others as she supplements these workouts each week in her training program. 


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If you choose to purchase without signing up on this form or with contacting Christine at 

Please send her a quick message that you are ready to be added in the group & that you purchased a Challenge Pack.