Fitness on Fleek is an Online Training & Accountability Group; the "Pick Me Up" you are Looking for! 

Take Your Workouts, Nutrition, & Accountability Online for Healthy Habits, a Tribe of Support, & your BEST Body Yet!


*Current Beachbody Coaches are Not Eligible to be Included in Fitness on Fleek. If you are considering becoming a Coach with Christine, you'll have free Group Access.

*See below for required details to be added into the group


*Email Christine requesting suggestions for your best starting pack and also to be added in the group to get started on your program.

With this system, Christine can easily guide you through your workouts, nutrition, and paint by numbers training.  

Without a system, you'll have to figure out what to do for your weekly workouts & nutrition.... in which you already know - isn't working.

To create a CHANGE you gotta make a CHANGE.  

If you want to ensure you connect with an online coach that can GUARANTEE your success; Christine's 28 years in the fitness industry as a professional instructor & trainer has got you covered!

Her alignment as a Coach with a major Health/Fitness company alows her to utlize their proven Workouts, Nutrition, & Products to help a LOT more women achieve their healthy goals - anywhere in the USA, Canada, & United Kingdom. 

This allows her to spend time supporting you with your workouts, nutrition, questions, and daily accountability. With her extensive background, she helps you customize your workouts and nutrition specific to your goals and status of you fitness journey and growth ..... and NOT by following a cookie cutter workout that is popular, brand new, or even one that worked for her. This is YOUR Body and YOUR Journey. Her experience in reviewing your health, goals, & fitness journey is critical for your success.

She's been a Coach since May 2008 and has had GREAT success herself using their programs following TWO C-Sections in her mid 30's. These workouts snapped her back into shape and actually even BETTER! She continues to supplement these workouts each week in her training program. 



Check out Some Results from Working with Christine!